February 2018

The RFP Process: How do I Change My Bank? Should I Even do it?

February 6, 2018

Ray Graber and Compliance4All to present “The RFP Process: How do I Change My Bank? Should I Even do it?”, a webinar

The Cash Management and credit RFP process is painful. You need to think twice about entering into this endeavor. This session will outline the pitfalls, metrics, and timeline that you should expect before you even begin. Learning about and understanding the process will mitigate the pain, but it remains a long and tedious adventure. You should understand the banks' (responders) views because that is almost as important as the answers they return. It is imperative that you set the correct goals and selection criteria before producing the RFP document.

The RFP Process: How do I Change My Bank? Should I Even do it?

January 2018

Ray Graber to present Cash Management: A User’s Perspective – The How’s, Why’s and Wherefores

January 16, 2018

Graber presents “Cash Management: A User’s Perspective – The How’s, Why’s and Wherefores”, a webinar


Cash management seems simple enough; money comes in, money goes out. However, managing the flows and gathering the right information at the right time is complicated and tricky. Understanding the pitfalls and anticipating Murphy’s Law is both a science and an art.

Why you should attend:

Cash is King! You’ve heard that I’m sure. But managing cash can be a pain in the butt. Establishing procedures, maintaining banking relationships, and getting good, reliable information are some of the key elements of good cash management.

The larger the company, the more complex the issues and hence the solutions. No longer a pencil and paper enterprise; managing cash is the Rubik’s Cube of finance.

Cash Management: A User’s Perspective – The How’s, Why’s and Wherefores

December 2017

Ray Graber to present Bitcoin: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt for Demystified Solutions.

December 13, 2017

Graber presents “Bitcoin: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt”, a webinar

Bitcoins have been adopted by a wide range of user – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Understanding how they and the block chain operate is essential to preparing for is further adoption and incorporation into financial society.

Although primarily associated with bitcoin, the blockchain is increasingly being eyed by the financial services world as a potential boon for a range of functions. Senior bankers are discussing the potential of blockchain technology as a way to cut costs and improve transparency for financial transactions.

Bitcoin: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

November 2017

Ray Graber to Present at The Big East Banking Conference

November 15, 2017
at the VERVE Crowne Plaza, Natick, MA, 9:00-10:00am, Gemini I

Refining the Customer Experience: The Importance of Marketing Beyond Customer Engagement

Session Description:

The customer experience is so much more than selling; it’s about feeling heard, getting answers to questions, having problems fixed, and feeling a connection to your brand. Marketing and customer service groups need to be thinking in terms of customer engagement.

Because our customers live in a 24/7 world they expect their suppliers to anticipate and meet their needs in real time, e.g. Amazon. For marketing professionals, this means that the separation between customer service and marketing is getting smaller and smaller.

Customer engagement is about encouraging your customers to interact and share in the experiences you create for them as their financial institution. With a well-executed customer engagement strategy you will nurture brand loyalty and customer growth.

The end game is creating value by focusing on customer engagement and not cross-selling. You must give people something meaningful - beyond a sales pitch. A well-developed, all-inclusive customer experience that includes great content, or interactive, real-time customer support.

The Big East Banking Conference

Ashwin Goyal Joins Terafina as President and Chief Operating Officer

November 8, 2017

Co-Founder of BankSight, Inc. and Former Senior Leader of Oracle and Siebel

Terafina Inc., a full service omni-channel digital sales solution provider, announced today that Ashwin Goyal is the company’s new President and Chief Operating Officer. He is located in Terafina’s Bay Area, California headquarters.

Ashwin will be responsible for Customer Success, Product R&D and Sales & Marketing at Terafina. He brings a wealth of experience to that position. Most recently, he served for almost two years as the founding President of BankSight, Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of customer-experience solutions for banks.

Prior to BankSight, Ashwin served for nine years as Group Vice President in Oracle’s financial services division. In that position he was responsible for the P&L of three Oracle product lines: Banking Platform; Revenue Management & Billing; and Banking Digital Experience.

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