Graber Associates professionals bring an average of 34 years' experience in corporate communications, marketing, consulting, electronic commerce, technology, and banking to work for our clients. We know what you're looking for when you engage a professional firm to perform message development, public relations, marketing, and market research. We've done the job from the inside; managing both staffs and budgets. GA Fast Facts

We've been analysts and journalists ourselves. Like us, journalists and analysts abhor fluff and spin. We speak their language and know what they want and need to do their jobs effectively. We've managed consultants and vendors, so we know where the value comes from in such relationships - and how to deliver that value in our engagements. Graber Associates know what it takes to get the job done, both in the US and abroad; our clients range from Santa Clara, California to London, England to Sydney, Australia.

Graber Associates principals are your account contacts. Unlike large firms, we don’t turn your company over to the junior varsity after a month or two. We work with a limited number of clients at a time so you get our full attention. As members of your extended team, we develop a comprehensive understanding of your people and your strengths in order to communicate them to the world.